We’ve had it! Linn County Supervisors cannot make a budget and stick to it. A new idea pops up, and they vote to spend money we do not have. Another farm, a community garden, ordinances against free speech, new regulations for parking spaces on farms, and failure to follow through with core plans for our county. And now they’ve been served with another lawsuit about breaking state law and county ordinances. Linn County’s own residents are suing them. When have you had enough?

I will set a budget and stick to it. I will not launch new departments without planning them in the budget. I will not use emergency relief moneys for ongoing multi-year projects. I will stop funding one religion over another. I will stop running the budget and bolstering our own pockets. I will follow the law, and we’ll work with our residents rather than seeing them in court.

It’s time to listen. It’s time to focus on LIfe, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – for all men and women, boys and girls in Linn County. Our citizens deserve much better than they are receiving. It’s time for real leadership, for a change!