Affordable Housing

People need a place to live. Most are able to rent or purchase a home, and Linn County is a great place for that. But what about the family struggling, where ends cannot be met, where businesses have folded and jobs lost because of COVID pressures and our economy careening down? What about the next family here?

Buying a farm outside of town, with no services, no bus routes and little infrastructure – this is not the solution. The image is that current Supervisors want to move people out of view, and care little for their actual needs.

We do need solutions. We need to work wisely, coordinate with our local organizations, and combine efforts. Linn County should partner with cities and local agencies to provide effective solutions.

Inexperienced leadership at the County level means we get buildings without plans, intentions without deliveries, and it must change now.

We need leadership.
Vote Brett Mason for Supervisor on November 8.