Business Experience is Needed

In The Gazette 10-18-2022 by BRETT MASON 

Business experience is needed in Linn County

Business experience matters, and Linn County needs experienced business leadership!

Persistence to achieve the best, to deliver the best, and to deliver win-win solutions is borne of experience. The business leader knows this and works for it. And the results come in, with win-win victories for residents, workers and suppliers.

Business leaders are willing to risk criticism and harsh words in order to deliver the best. We set our focus on the goal, make a plan and budget, and then lead our team to deliver.

Great leaders gather people with great minds. Often we choose people far more skilled than ourselves. Then we ensure they can thrive, so that we all deliver the best.

Visionary leaders do not settle for “Good enough.” We continually focus on the delivery and ask, is this the best for our people, for our customers, and will our vendors go with us? Never satisfied with “adequate.”

Fearless leaders look at the obstacles, see paths through them, and embrace the sight of success at the end. Always looking at several paths to success, the excellent leader navigates the risks, avoiding some, accepting some, and mitigating what can be moved.

Excellent leaders will admit their mistakes. I missed the assessment of the Mental Health Access Center. I was wrong, understanding some failures. The Access Center serves a tremendous need in Linn County. Clients are cared for, and inappropriate treatments are avoided. Ben Rogers can take pride in this agency, he did a great job getting it in place.

Business leaders are tough. They have faced financial walls, even ruin, and learned grit. They learned tenacity to come through. Unwilling to miss payroll, business leaders fight for their people and ensure everyone arrives well and cared for. Making payroll month after month, year after year is an accomplishment which few understand. We have a team of excellent workers. We must get the work, lead the work, deliver the work, and cover the costs, and all the while not lose our own people.

Charismatic leaders build relationships, win others over, and create an excited team ready to take on hard things. Making friends and influencing people are crucial skills, honed in the marketplace. People like leaders who are friendly, and whom they can trust!

Visionary leaders see the goal and don’t waver. They take time to bring others into the vision, they listen as wise team members reshape the path, and they deliver the best. Vision is everything, and getting people there is the key!

Linn County is ready for real leadership, business leadership. I bring vision, passion, courage and tenacity as a very experienced business leader. I see Linn County as a great county, healthy, with great neighborhoods and schools, excellent employment opportunities, awesome outdoors, and a wonderful place to retire. Linn County should be all this, all the time.

Let’s take Linn County to the next level.