Mental Health Care

Linn County repurposed a building and renovated it to establish the “Mental Health Access Center.” Using state funding, this center offers a place for care, and mental health care staff ready.

In practice, clients come in, and they enter a safe place for immediate care as needed. The center helps people get help without enormous hospital bills or without going through law enforcement with arrrest, processing and related fines, etc. The result is an opportunity to get care and begin a process which hopefully leads to a long and healthy life!

When they check out and leave, they first meet with a mental health professional. There is a plan for follow-up visits, care if needed, and even medication through related agencies if needed. The center is providing an invaluable resource.

I had written critically of this center previously, and further investigation shows I was wrong. I apologize to anyone who was hurt by words written, and I hope my explanation here offers encouragement to many.

My family lost our son to suicide, and this is no academic issue to us. I have lifted my son’s body down from a bannister, in hopes of resuscitation. He was gone. The issues he carried went with him, and nobody could help.

We need a long term care center too. The state will fund it. I hope discussions can continue in this direction as well.

It’s time for leadership.
Vote Brett Mason for Supervisor on November 8.