Solar Farms

Farmland, Moratoriums, and Good Neighbors

The Supervisors are beginning their push for a moratorium on Industrial Solar. They want to stop their push for solar “farms”. You’ll see the Board discuss this, and use terms like “Listen” and “Consider.” What is happening?

The Supervisors now disagree with their own efforts of 2021 and 2022. What really happened? Supervisors rushed the projects in order to try to circumvent the Iowa Legislature from enacting appropriate energy and agricultural law.

Now they want to listen – to legal experts, not to concerned residents and solar neighbors. They hope to write ordinances which the legislature cannot overturn. The Supervisors have no business doing this. Elected Representatives are supposed to write laws. Supervisors are supposed to implement county policy accordingly. Playing hide-and-seek games with the Iowa Legislature is a waste of citizens’ money and our time.

What about Solar on Farmland? Where do I stand?

1. Solar on poor-production farmland makes sense.
2. Solar on high-productive farmland makes little sense.
3. Solar at the expense of neighbors’ rights is simply wrong.
4. Consideration for all property owners should always be given.
5. Negotiation and mediation ought to occur between property owners, both those who wish to lease, and those who wish not to be over-run.

Common sense is greatly lacking on our Board of Supervisors.

Our Supervisors refuse to listen to concerned residents. Energy is good. Solar is one option. But let’s not sacrifice neighbors for political achievements. And let’s work with the State Legislators appropriately. Does Linn County want a voice in Des Moines? Use our lobbyists! That’s their job.

We need new leadership.
Vote Brett Mason for Supervisor on November 8.