Yes I want to help! Donate for Brett

You can help in many ways. The most effective volunteer work you can do is introduce Brett to your friends and neighbors!

Other ideas:

  • Host a simple event at your home and invite friends and neighbors to meet Brett and engage with him
  • Attend Brett’s events and bring your friends and neighbors
  • Spread the word about Brett’s qualifications
  • Pass out Brett’s campaign literature
  • Knock on doors and leave materials about Brett and the issues
  • Put a sign in your yard supporting Brett
  • Deliver and install Brett’s yard signs to others
  • Pass out Brett’s campaign materials at events
  • Join our team in parades
  • Help with absentee vote activities
  • Address envelopes
  • Research various types of information
  • Help maintain the website
  • Help with database functions
  • Write post cards to friends
  • Stuff literature bags
  • Stuff mailing envelopes
  • Send “thank you” cards
  • Provide food for events
  • Greet people at Brett’s booth at events and fairs
  • Babysit for other volunteers’ babies
  • Data entry
  • Organize and set up events
  • Make phone calls when there are phone banks
  • Vote and provide transportation to others so they can vote as well
  • Make one or more financial donations. Campaigns are expensive and you can bet Brett will be seriously outspent by the competitor!

… and Brett is open to your ideas too!

Yes I want to help! Donate for Brett